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The Best Place to Renew Your LTO License --UPDATED

After my debacle with the Pasig City Police last weekend, I promised to really visit LTO this week. You see, my driver's license expired on my birthday (March 31), but unfortunate circumstance got in the way (I had a fight with someone days before my birthday). Shaken and stirred, I kinda got disoriented and even though we both have recovered from the incident, I never really got the chance to renew my license. In fact, just last week, I realized what had happened and so I really scheduled Monday of this week, to accomplish it.

Unfortunately, the damn Pasig Police did not know any of that drama so when he caught me making an illegal right turn during a "red light", he scolded me when he found out that I had been driving with an expired license. My tears and panic attack mode worked again --- he let me go without a ticket but with a very guilty conscience. Miss planner failed big time and I could not believe what happened. I've always been efficient with these things. I renew two licenses every three years so I am so used to it already.

Anyway, I finally got my license renewed. I had it done at the LTO license renewal center at SM Hypermart beside Tiendesitas. I chose to go there because everyone says it's the best place right now, and I agree! The place is air conditioned, the people are nice (maybe because they're comfortable and not exhausted) and the whole process was quick.

I would not suggest for you to go there though, because everyone might start going there and change things (just kidding).
but really, go there the next time you have to renew your license. it's hard to get bored because there's lots to do while waiting for your turn (go grocery shopping, visit bench fix, grab a bite to eat). remember: SM Hypermart beside Tiendesitas. They're open from 9am to 6pm! 

-------------------------------- UPDATED --------------------------------

Last December 2015, my sister was set to renew her license and was met by a shocker. This branch has closed. On March 2016, when I finally renewed mine, I was problematic about where to go and decided to just go to MAIN because all the other satellites were having problems. 

Either satellite branches (especially in malls) have closed, or they can process, but cannot release cards. One time I saw a friend on FB brag about how fast her LTO processing went (less than 15 minutes) with the amusing hashtag #thankyouPNOY and I wanted to comment and thought twice about it. I wanted to tell her it's not something she should be grateful for. You're supposed to get your card right away. 

Anyway, when I was renewing at MAIN I found out why satellites have closed and why releasing has become an issue. THERE'S A SHORTAGE in cards like there is a shortage in car plates. I don't know why and I wouldn't even bother to criticize, so I'll leave that all to you. I am updating this blog because it's still a top post and I know I am directing you to the wrong place now instead of leading you to the right one. But I am hopeful one day that TIENDESITAS and other satellites will run at full functional capacity once again. For now, let me direct you to the MAIN branch in EAST AVENUE. Parking is a bit tricky, so you might want to think about that, and fixers are aplenty, so be wary. The entire processing and releasing took just 25-45 minutes so do not be fooled. Fixers will charge thousands for immediate release, how busy are you that you cannot wait 45 minutes? 

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13 added some drama:

Crystal said...

thank you for this info! i might try this place next time although i'm just walking distance from robinsons galleria, but the process is pretty long.

...crickette... said...

promise try mo! okay sya, super konti ng tao especially if u arrive early (as soon as it opens).

NeuroChiq said...

Good to hear may LTO renew center na hassle free. It's my bday today, and I have to renew my lic. too, but tiendesitas is sooo far from me =(

Thank for the tip, I'll try to venture North! =)

...crickette... said...

southerners! hehehe!
pero i swear, super hassle-free! my sister got mad nga cus i blogged about this eh! hahaha!

happy birthday dang!

Pot said...

ate crickette. PLEASE DO NOT PROMOTE HYPERMART's LTO. doing so defeats the purpose of going there to begin with.

...crickette... said...

pot, that's why i told them not to go there... hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Ei drama queen if I were you I would take out my license shot from your blog (If that is indeed you) for your own safety. Nobody wants to have their vital information splattered on the web. Better be safe from the perps than sorry.

...crickette... said...

Thanks anonymous. Clearly, I wasn't thinking when I plastered my license there. Thank you so much! I thought that since the photo was small, the information is irrelevant, but I realized that the photo can be enlarged.

Anonymous said...;u=25565
My home is only 1400 feet away from a 733 foot, 50,000 watt radio tower and another smaller radio tower next to it. In the past, I've had problems with my garage door opening with the remote. Now, my new computer is acting up. Sometimes when I start it up it just gets to the desktop and doesn't load anything. No matter what I click nothing loads or happens. I scanned it with 3 different anti-virus/spyware programs and nothing was found. The room its in has a window facing directly at the towers. I blocked the window with some stuff and the computer works normally so far. Could the electromagnetic radiation be affecting my pc? I've had problems with numerous other electronics and r/c toys in the past also.

Anonymous said...

thanks DramaQueen. hope to see you someday! :)

Alex Santos said...

Hehehe! Blue Boys of Pasig TMO. I always get in fight with them. Always on the lookout to piss someone. Anyway, thanks for the info. Guess I'll hafta be there earlier since you blogged about it already. Hehehehe!

Crickette Inserto-Lazaro said...

@Anonymous, likewise. If ever we're renewing our licenses at the same time, say "hi"!

Alex Santos - aren't they so eager to catch someone? It's a good thing I am no longer from Pasig, hahaha!

johnphilip22 said...

good afternoon po
ask ko lng kung san ka nag pamedical for the drivers license renewal?

thank you

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