Monday, July 12, 2010

10 Reasons Why I Should Get Better Now

As of today, I have been on house arrest for 18 days and although it is fun to wake up late and not care... it is not fun to live like this:

1. i can't stop eating. All I do is eat and eat and eat. in real life, I don't eat breakfast and I don't eat rice (unless I really want to), but now I eat three meals and a lot in between. Mom and dad won't stop feeding me and I feel that if I go on like this, my stomach will burst open and my internal organs will come out of my still healing wound. 

2. i miss being a dentist. I used to be a dentist, you know, and I used to be a real workaholic. Now, I am manning the clinic through phone and I miss looking at people's teeth. Bon is getting all the action and I'm so jealous.

3. i miss ella. Ella is my korean student and although we really don't do much, it is really fun chatting with her. I wonder how well she's doing right now? I hope she doesn't have papers she needs help with because I feel bad not being there for her, really. 

4. i miss going to the gym. I was told that I need to wait 3 months (or so) before I could start working out again, and that makes me really sad because I enjoy going to golds gym. I used to walk to their timog avenue branch near my clinic and I run almost every day, and join the kickboxing class on mondays and then street dance class on wednesdays. When I come back, everyone will be on level 1 and I'd still be on multi-level mode. darn! 

5. i miss driving. Even if it's traffic and Noynoy has made traffic even more unbearable (what with all the discipline he's forcing on all filipinos --- which is a good thing, really) i heard; i cannot wait to drive my manual transmission Ford Lynx to and from work... through heavy traffic and rain. 

6. i want to go shopping. I am not a shopaholic but I do love to shop. I still have not visited Forever 21 and I want to be able to see it, at least (pretty plese?) Also, I wanna get me some new clothes for work because I feel like have not really shopped in ages. 

7. i hate being part of the retired club. The retired club, is the club that has my mom and my dad as members --- and everyone who stays at home for too long, becomes an automatic member. The retired club loves to watch television. They love to eat. They love to talk about life. They love to make fun of the government --- and have I mentioned the part about eating? Well, being part of the retired club is fun for a while but after some time it gets really boring! 

8. i want to go out and get drunk. Well, I haven't been drunk in a long time and that's really the point. I just feel that after being a patient... I want to feel like I am not one anymore. Sick people don't go out to party and get themselves inebriated --- that's what I want. 

9. i wanna try the zipline here in manila. I have always wanted to try the zipline in subic but I always have no time. Then recently I found out that there's a zipline here in manila now at kalye industriya, and I want to check it out.   

10. i wanna go on a road trip somewhere to celebrate. I think I have been too wrapped up with what has happened and I just want to forget it and celebrate. I want to go far and celebrate. I want to have fun and enjoy. I have no idea what to do... but I want to do something.  

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AC said...

i work out at gold's timog (well, not much coz gold's galleria is way nearer from my work than timog). in fact i was there last friday.

i'm sorry for posting a lot of food entries lately. i've been pigging out kase. hahaha! and also, i wanted to change the mood in my blog (you know what i mean :))

i'm always drunk. i go out a lot. when you're okay na, lets get drunk. hahaha!

i've been dying to try that new zipline in quezon city, too. in fact, my friends and i already set a schedule for that (kaso yung isang friend ko nasa davao pa, nagpapahintay).. i've always been fascinated by these stuff: zipline, bungee... soon i'll try white water rafting in CDO and also skydiving (hopefully, masyado mahal e hahaha!) .. adrenaline rush! i love! :D

pagaling ka! :)

buti na lang may internet, nakakapagblog ka. :)

Didi said...

don't forget I miss going out with my friends like DIDI!

...crickette... said...

@AC- tlaga??? omg, work ka sa timog after 3months! let's work out together and don't worry about the food posts in your blog... kunyari lang ako na galit sayo cus the truth is i tlagang i love to eat also... wahahhaaha!

i wanna try all of that too. zipline, bungee jump even white water rafting. i hope lang tlaga na i dont die.

@didi - of course naman dede... i miss u so much! doc said i need 2 more weeks before i could drive, hasslehoff!

plaridel said...

why the rush? let nature take its course. besides, this is a good time to let people give you the time of day, spoil you, and make them feel important. you owe it to them. they are at your command.

forget tv. lots of good books to read. to name a few: the book thief, the art of racing in the rain, and the pillars of the earth, oryx and crake.

...crickette... said...

that's all i do now... read, write, watch tv... i just really miss work. i love work so much, it's so painful to be away so long.

// krissy ♥ said...

I know how you feel. I love my rest days but I feel guilty about doing nothing the whole day x_x I hope you feel better SOON! :)

...crickette... said...

plus i feel really guilty too...
thanks krissy, you're so sweet. :)

AC said...

hahaha.. isipin mo na lang: pag oras mo na, oras mo na. may namamatay ngang tulog e. at least kung mamatay ka man sa bungee o skydiving e masaya ka naman kase nagawa mo trip mo. wahahahah!

oo, dalaw2 ako minsan sa gold's timog. mamimiss ako ng trainer ko dun e hahaha

Calvin said...

get well soon crickette! para you can drive to zoom tree top with ella to go do the zipline on your new forever 21 dress while drunk. :)

...crickette... said...

@AC - ang scary mo! sana magkita tyo minsan sa golds!

@Calvin - going on the zipline on the dress??? tsk tsk tsk (okay lang yung while drunk eh --- hehehe). i really can't wait to get well. aarrrrrrgh!

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