Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Got Caught --- Again

So I got stopped by the police last Tuesday. Second day of driving, after a month of being on house arrest, and I already had my encounter with the police. Of course, I got away, because I am awesome like that (sorry), but I still feel bad for having been caught because you have no idea how careful I am.

I cannot drive my car yet, since it's manual transmission, so I drive sister's car instead. It's coded during Tuesdays, so I left a little later for work. Got to work fine. Worked on my patients. Got tired and could not wait for 6pm to arrive --- so I could leave and go home to be able to rest properly for the day. I left the clinic at 6pm. It went well. I was driving really slowly --- average of 30kph (no exaggeration --- because despite the permission to drive, I am not 100% well yet), and then a Pasig policeman orders me to stop.

Apparently "number coding" is until 7pm. (What the---?)

I know this will really sound so stupid, since I have been driving for years. But honestly, I have been spared so long from the "number coding" (having been a military brat) so I still confuse a lot of the rules. When I was in school, I had this exemption letter that I always kept in my car, signed by the PNP CHIEF. I do not risk it though (I, either do not bring my car or leave really late), because I honestly don't like running into the police and having a dialogue with them. However, I was really exhausted and could not wait to see my bed. I left the clinic as soon as the clock struck 6pm because I honestly thought that number coding all over the metro ended at 6pm --- I swear. I told the policeman that; and he believed me.

No, I do not like getting into trouble with the police. And yes, I have been using all kinds of techniques to get myself out of a ticket. I have tried crying, threatening, non-stop chattering, begging --- and it has worked for me. I am not proud of it, but I am just really not ready to have an official traffic offense yet; and I hope I never will. I fear the PNP and the MMDA, actually, and all my guy friends laugh at me because they said that if they were in my position (especially back in college when my dad was still active) they would break all kinds of laws and not give a damn. You see, that is not how things happen with me. I am very very careful. I hate breaking laws. Violations just seem to come to me in a surprise.

Anyway, I do not want to get caught anymore (because I am honestly scared now, since the "new president" is so strict about it), so I decided to read the rules. I think all traffic rules should be compiled in a booklet and given to all the drivers who apply for and renew their licenses --- but that is just what I think.

Oh, happy driving everyone...


And no, this was not taken last Tuesday when i got caught... don't worry!!! The car wasn't moving either... because I was parked on the street waiting for Bon when I took this picture. I took it on our way to "Tagaytay" on my birthday --- Obviously, I got bored!!!

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AC said...

baket pa kase binalik ang coding sa pasig. dati naman wala yan e. hehehe. sa ortigas area ka ba?

Roy Tangonan said...

nice! i've been summoned to court twice because of my driving. one more offense, i would get arrested. speeding. improper lane usage. driving too close. probably 5 tickets in 10 years, but 2 weren't my fault. u are still on the safe side..ehe. nice blog!

Anonymous said...

I share your sentiments. I don't fear them but I just don't like the hassle of being pulled over, even if those damn MMDA and Popos are on the wrong side of the fence. Following road rules, road ethics, and laws aren't bad and you'll do just fine...but I have to admit, that dependent's ID really does work. So far, with P-Noy strict and all, I haven't been pulled over for a violation.


...crickette... said...

@AC - i don't know nga why eh... when we first transfered to Pasig I didn't know na there was no coding there. but anyway, i live at greenwoods, i got caught need mercedes avenue.

@Roy - u are a very bad driver Roy! wahahahahahah!

@Chip - nakakabanas kasi to have to go through the whole process of showing them the card... or crying... or whatever method i have to get out of the ticket... i don't wanna get caught anymore... hasslehoff tlaga!

AC said...

i live near mercedes. eehehe. kakabangga lang namin dun mga 2weeks ago. hahaha!

sometimes i hate pasig coz the enforcers there are buwaya. seryoso. at ang weird ng route and loading/unloading area!

Calvin said...

hehehe. kakatakot talaga mga mmda. pero not knowing na 7pm yung end ng coding is.... hehehe... unbelievable. ingat ingat na lang next time. you can use your charm din naman. :P

...crickette... said...

@AC- u are right... pasig policemen are scary tlaga. when i see them in their royal blue uniform, i'm scared na agad. i'm still getting used to a lot of the rules dito sa pasig... super weird.

@Calvin - i know, i know i'm........... UNBELIEVABLE!!! wahahahahahaha! pero sa totoo lang it's tiring to have to argue your way out of the ticket --- even if it works all the time! :P

plaridel said...

that picture's so hot. you'll melt any cop that stops you with a traffic violation. i know it for sure. it has a softening affect on me and i'm not even a cop. :)

...crickette... said...

hahaha! thanks plaridel... i hope i don't get caught anymore though --- it's quite tiring to argue with the cops!

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