Friday, July 2, 2010

Not So Painful, At All

In reality, what I went through,
the MYOMECTOMY procedure
is both scary and painful

I told you how I went about choosing Delos Santos Medical Center, instead of st. luke's, and although I was sure about my choice... when my parents and I were settling my "accommodations" at the hot and humid admissions "area" of the hospital, we were already throwing our own disappointments about the place. however, when we were finally brought into my deluxe room we all smiled. 

I think the hospital concentrated on providing comfort to the patients in their rooms. They left the lobby and the  floor corridors humble, to be able to splurge on the rooms (which is the most important thing, right?). So for only P2,500 per night I was able to sleep quite comfortably in my room that was:
  • spacious,
  • well-lit,
  • sweet-smelling,
  • had blasting a/c,
  • flat-screen samsung tv 
  • telephone (free unlimited use, unlike in med city)
  • clean washroom with hot/cold shower (but no bidet)
  • comfortable bed for one companion
  • an  outdoor balcony (for visitors who smoke)

Sorry, I was too sick to take photos of everything but you just have to trust me on the things I mentioned above. Also, their most expensive room is only P4,000 and it has a dining area and a living room.

I checked in at around 4pm and was brought in by my mom and dad (and manong Jun)

Mabs slept beside me, the night before my surgery because Manang slept on the watcher's bed. She made sure that I slept well even though I was scared

The nurse picked me up in the room at around 6:00am
and I was wheeled-in into the operating room,
mom and mabeth kissed me goodbye and
papa, mang jun and manang stayed behind in the room

At 3:00pm I was wheeled-in back to the room and I found Bon, Mabeth and Karym (mab's friend) waiting for me (manang was there too). My mom and dad waited until I was brought into the recovery room before they decided to leave (and rest properly at home). They came back at night and my 3 sisters rode a taxi to the hospital from the condo. Jason visited too... I was too groggy to really show my delight but it meant so much to me. My Tito Cocoy also visited and tried to make me laugh

By 9 am I was already given the go signal to "eat whatever"
A few moments after that they removed my catheter (pee bag) and dextrose. 
I immediately forced myself to walk
I couldn't wait to be on my feet again

Aissa and Tita Tiss were my first visitors. They brought me a lovely blanket and got scolded by guards for it. I don't really see the logic to this but according to them, the blanket may contain GERMS. My next visitors were Reena, Manong Bong and Mabeth (again) --- Dr Buenviaje is reena's doctor and she was great help during decision-making time. Jason visited again and he came with Jeff. Bon, arrived short-after, coming from the clinic. We were both out on monday and tuesday, so he had back-to-back appointments to attend to. My last visitors were Tita Ina, Wynwyn and Tito Cocoy. Tito Cocoy made me laugh again and this time he was successful (the sutures hurt bad). Plus, my watcher for the night was Abi (you can see, she's demonstrating how spacious the watcher's bed is).

I was discharged by 11:45am
but I had more visitors 

Tita Jocelle (mom's bestest friend in the world) came, of course, then Tito Bob and Tita Wow came as well. They were supposed to visit the day before, but Tito Bob had a migraine. 

So, even though the procedure was potentially scary and painful... 
it went, just fine

Dr. Restituto C. Buenviaje (RCB)
Delos Santos Medical Center
#201 E. Rodriguez Blvd., QC
(02) 7230041 loc. 132
(02) 7269494
Schedule: everyday except Sundays and Holidays
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ps. Thank you also, to the many friends and family who called and sent texts to me. You are not forgotten, even if you have no pictures for this post. Your words and prayers helped me go through this very tough ordeal. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

pps. Not in the photos (my dad and manang)

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Calvin said...

wow. kulang na lang is wifi para you can continue to blog while recovering. :P one thing about being confined is that you will feel really special and loved so it's not all bad.

...crickette... said...

med city didn't have wifi also (only in the more expensive rooms). i think st luke's lang may free wifi everywhere... pero it would be amazing if delos santos had wifi too, noh?


AC said...

i never really liked going to/staying in a hospital. nangangati ako. hehehe. ironic coz my ex boyfriend and my sister and brother-in-law are doctors.. hahaha! pero astig, like ko yang balcony sa hospital room ha. sunugan ng baga. hahaha!

anyway, pagaling ka. para makapagshopping ka na to the highest level. :) dalawin kita? (ay si papa sam pala) nyahahah!

...crickette... said...

thank you AC... kaw tlaga o, wala we've been living here for a year and the closest been to papa sam is seeing his big bike and his yaya sweeping his garage.

Teeyah. said...

I am glad you're okay now, Crix! :) Mwah!

AC said...

dropped by Forever 21 kanina sa Megamall. naalala kita. hahaha. the shop is big, that's the real Forever 21. hehe. the stuff's prices aren't that bad. dresses are priced at 1000-1500.. mga ganun.. :)

...crickette... said...

@Teeyah - kisses to you too sweetheart!

@AC - oh my! i can't wait to check it out! i got to go out today to attend sunday service and dinner. but that's it. bad strip! im so jealous of you! bitch ka!

plaridel said...

it must be nice to feel you're not alone. get well soon so can laugh again without hurting yourself down there. :)

...crickette... said...

thanks plaridel... :)

AC said...

don't worry, di naman ako bumili pa e. kakatamad kase. ang dami tao. haba pa ng pila sa fitting rooms & cashiers. :D next time na lang ako. :)

maRee said...

sosyalan ng features ng room, in fairness. hehe!

...crickette... said...

diba? we were all surprised tlaga. even my visitors na "shock" kasi ugly tlaga outside. even the corridor leading to the room is very typical of an old hospital; but when u enter: surprise!!!

promise ang compaint ko lang walang bidet!

and, i forgot to mention, GWAPO ng nurse ko after the operation. sya pa yung nag carefully remove ng aking dextrose and si bon was asking him lots of questions... ewan ko kung napansin nya na gwapo but my mom told him the next day: "ikaw lang gwapo dito, what's ur name"... my mom tlaga!

Pia said...

Hey! Why am I not mentioned here? Why don't I see a Pia typed in bold letters?Pfffffffffft

p.s. Thank you for the froyo. Heh heh

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