Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee

I don’t get to see my best friend that often. Mabeth is a doctor and i am a dentist. Day-in and day-out, we are saving “lives” --- Hahaha! (Well, she is, but I am just saving teeth). But really, it is not easy for us to find time for each other, sometimes, but when we get together, you can be sure that it will involve food.

Two weeks ago, Mabeth and I, met up at Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee, along Tomas Morato. I would be honest, I pass by Tomas Morato more than once, every week, and although I see the restaurant beside it (and I can swear I’ve caught a glimpsed of it, before), I was surprised to find out that it was there. I mean, from the outside the place blends well with the background, in the sense that you don’t really get to notice it at once… but once you enter, it is the opposite. Inside, KOCCO is very welcoming and the smell of good food is truly inviting…

IMG_0658 IMG_0666

I am not a “tea” person but if I were, I would probably enjoy their collection
IMG_0660 IMG_0661

Mabeth and I, eat like boyfriend-girlfriend. We do not order separate meals, We always order different things and share with each other. Sometimes we order three platters and we finish it all (or I finish most of it). But since we met for BRUNCH and I am not really a breakfast person (although I love breakfast food, I just really don’t eat breakfast)  we only had the following:

IMG_0667 Bacon N’ Chiz. Soup in a bread bowl
Super yummy and creamy.
The bread bowl is large and deep and for P95, I it was worth every spoonful.

Jill Had French Toast 
I love french toast and this one is not only cheap, it was yummy.
There were six half-slices, so that’s three pieces of either white or whole wheat bread.

Honey Mustard Fish Fillet w/ side of fries 
At first glance, I thought that the serving was small, but it is was yummy and quite filling. I would not eat this on it’s own though, so it’s a good thing that everything in the menu is very affordable. You can just try different things.

Mango and Walnut Torte
Every time we go out to eat, even if we’re already full , we always say: “There’s always room for dessert” and so we got this very yummy cake. The walnuts and the mango taste very good, together, and although I thought this would be “too” sweet… it wasn’t. It looked so yummy, i wasn’t able to take a good picture of it (See?)

We, each, had to pay P277.00 and that isn’t bad at all, right. I even brought home White Chocolate Sansrival for Bon and he said it was very yummy too! I really have to explore around my area. I think I will make it my goal to eat at every restaurant along Tomas Morato and Timog Avenue (and then move to the side streets, after). Maybe I should do a Julie Powell and do one restaurant everyday for the entire year. That would cost me a lot of money, though, so I take it back! Hahaha!

Anyway, since I'm talking about my best friend and her job, "saving lives", I would like to share this video from the DLSU Blast. I was supposed to be with her to welcome her friend after the Bar Examinations but I got stuck doing something else... You do not have to watch the entire video because it's kinda shaky and sad... just fast forward to 1:15, the lady in blue shirt (with short hair) is my bestest friend in the world... future kick-ass ER DOCTOR!

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Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee
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Rose said...

ohhh... i love food trip posts. the soup in a bread bowl looks yummy. i've always wanted to taste something like that. siguro one restaurant a month, or every two weeks... pwede na. hehe! :)

Teeyah. said...

I love Tomas Morato on Sundays :) I especially like Banapple and Omakase at Il Terrazo and DiMark's too :) Have you tried Bagoong something?

Kabbie said...

"I am not really a breakfast person (although I love breakfast food, I just really don’t eat breakfast)" --ME TOO! So I'm not weird pala. Hahaha!

RicAdeMus said...

I don't usually eat breakfast, but I do enjoy it when I have time to relax and eat. Brunch is always nice. I would have enjoyed sharing the french toast and the fish looked good.

Male emergency patients will find an extra will to survive when they realize they have such a pretty doctor helping them. =)

jamie-lee said...

I think that's so cute that you and your bestie order and share your food! It all looks sooo yum too x

...crickette... said...

@rose - you should try the soup in the bread bowl... it's so amazing! they have other kinds, too... seafood kinds, but i couldn't have them because im allergic to seafood!

@teeyah - i've eatin there... house of bagoong (ata?) but only once... i like how it's cozy, you just reminded me to eat there again. maybe i should, this week

@kabbie - hahahahaha! u wanna have breakfast food with me, for lunch or dinner???

@ricademus - the french toast was awesome!!!
my bestfriends gonnna be am awesome ER doctor... and she is a hot doctor too!!!

@jamie-lee - hahahahahaahha! i dunno why we eat like that, really!?!

Pop Champagne said...

ohh this makes me hungry! I haven't eaten this morning... hehe hope you had a great halloween weekend!

Trina said...

wow! so proud of mabeth! and you, too! my fave dentist! hehe

RicAdeMus said...

I'm sure Mabeth tells people about her pretty dentist friend. =)

...crickette... said...

@pop-champagne - did not even celebrate halloween. i just ate and slept! hahaha!

@trina - mabs is so cool noh? go home and visit!!!

@ricademus - i hope she does!!! or else, i wont treat her for free anymore!

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