Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Clinic's New Look

Do you remember the very unfortunate Ondoy incident that left a lot of people homeless? There was serious flood going on outside the clinic, that soaked my car's floor (and left it disgustingly stinky for months) but our dental office was spared. A week after the incident, however, we came to work finding water everywhere and things floating like the clinic is some kind of river, because apparently a pipe got busted and water was flowing without control.

After Pedring, just a month ago I think, there was no noted flooding in our area but the next day, we came to work to find water covering the entire treatment room and a portion of the ceiling above it, cracked open, soaking wet and sagging.  I was immediately calculating repair expenses in m head and was in serious pain. The clinic is not in the position to cover repairs but we knew that it had to be done (because we can't exactly have an ugly ceiling) because it's all the patient sees when he's lying on the chair, looking up.

Thankfully, the damage we incurred was from the building's broken roof (please do not ask me to explain how it happened, because people always give me a confused look when I try to connect things), so the building's owner said that they would cover all expenses. We suddenly heard bells ringing, and thought ourselves blessed to have the opportunity to repaint the clinic. The paint has already faded and although we did not really score a complete makeover (We just had the ceiling repaired and the whole place repainted), it felt like a fresh change.

Anyway, check out the clinic’s NEW COLORS (I cannot call it a “new look” because nothing about it has changed but the color):


 IMG_3382 IMG_3384 IMG_3327

Nothing has changed with the reception area, except that the walls are whiter, as you can see… I don’t know if you can see that we made the ceiling a very light shade of blue, to somehow give the illusion that you are looking at the sky (I said, somehow).


The treatment room walls were not really damaged by the leak but this is an extra “can of paint” that we paid for with our own money. If you remember, the walls were yellow, before, but now it’s a some kind of melon or faint peach color (but it’s really called butter in the peg that I used).


IMG_3396 IMG_3399

The clinic now looks very clean and new. I was surprised that the walls went well with the dental chairs. I was trying to make it all white but my boss (Bon) said that there should be some division with the color, and I just had to agree.

IMG_3390 IMG_3391

To celebrate the new walls we disposed of all the poster that were given to us by suppliers and I had these personalized posters made with “You and Your Teeth” printed at the lower right hand corner, so that everything is of the same size and color. I was originally thinking of getting a hardboard material for them, but it’s going to cost us so much, so I opted for A3 size photo papers, instead (I was almost going to have them printed on tarpaulins).

I still have a lot of ideas for the clinic but maybe next time, when we have more money… For now, this will do, I hope you guys like it. By the way, are you followers of “You and Your Teeth” on FACEBOOK? If you aren’t yet, can you please like our page? Great promos are coming soon and I will be posting them there, so do not miss an update!

Thanks Guys!!! Hope to see you in the clinic SOON!

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Anna said...

You have a lovely clinic, it looks so neat on the photos. I've been stalling the paint job that needs to be done in my apartment, it just seems too tedious to do :-)

...crickette... said...

Thank you Anna! You should work on your apartment already. It's so confusing until you decide what colors to choose --- and then you're all set!

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