Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 14: What do you like most about yourself?

I forgive easily.


This is both good and bad. It is good because God commands us to forgive 70x7 times, but it is bad because to many people it is a sign of weakness. I, see it as something good, because I've always understood that it would be what God would want me to do.

Here's a story:
Once upon a time, a girl decided to amuse herself by taunting me. One text led to another and in no time, this stranger was attacking me... making fun of what I've become and criticizing my misfortuned existence.
This continued for months. Often times, I'd be fuelled to fight back, sometimes I'd be too weary. I didn't do anything to her and I hardly knew her, so I did not understand what she was doing.
After a year, I opened my inbox and found a letter from her. It was a lengthy apology, which I read, absorbed and accepted. I forgave her that very moment, and I replied to her message.

That was seven years ago... And today, were actually friends. Sadly she is quite famous, so I wouldn't like to mention her name.

Forgiveness is not easy for a lot of people. I give it away like CO2 from my lungs -- and eventhough it makes me weak, it's okay. People make mistakes and people make wrong decisions at your expense. People do what they do, for a reason... and when someone hurts me, I just look at the bigger picture. That does not mean that I don't feel pain because I do. That does not mean that I don't bear evil thoughts against them, because I DO.

Don't be mistaken. As a human being I'm not immune to negative emotions, so my first reaction to oppression is still to fight back (usually with words and a lot of negative thoughts). But, I am a Christian and I believe that there is good in everybody. So I will wait.

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Anonymous said...

forgiveness shows that you're stronger, because we both know it's harder than fighting back. only the fool see's forgiveness as a sign of weakness.

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