Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 16: What do people notice about you?

I don't look 30.
Hahahaha, and that is the truth. (I look 35?). 

Seriously, though, people notice my eyes a lot. There may be other things, like they say I’m so nerdy or talkative or obsessive, but I realized I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about my eyes.
  • Once there was this little kid, I was facing him smiling, trying to make him smile and he laughed, turned to his dad and said: “Ay nagdududuling sya oh!” (Look, she’s crossing her eyes), but I really wasn’t. I was just looking at him, smiling, so I just laughed.
  • One time I was talking to my sisters and they all shouted like they saw some freak of nature, in front of them, but it was just me. Apparently there are times when I abruptly turn my head to face people, my other eye follows but the other is left behind.
  • I had this student, way back when we were forced to teach Sunday school, who called me “IDOL” the whole time and I was so proud. Later on, I found out that it was only a part of what he really wanted to say about me because when he finally got the chance, he said I was IDOL. I-DOL-ing.
  • In photographs, it’s hard for me to get a decent picture because one eye is usually smaller. In my graduation photos, Bon made sure to stay by the photographer and he made him take one shot after another, until he got one with my eyes, all open.
  • Still, there are some people who tell me that they love my eyes. Bon actually says my eyes are lovely. He even said its my best feature but I’d have to rethink that, cus Bon tends to lie about these things. Bur for real now, I do get compliments about my eyes. One time I was in a neighborhood looking for random patients and this woman even stopped to tell me how beautiful my eyes were. But then again, she might be kidding, too!

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6 added some drama:

Fg Malabu said...

Same, ur eyes, it seem to pierce my soul. Hahaha


Eloise Rivera-Diep said...

I still see a little girl on a red moped! LOL ;-)


Lakwatsero Ako said...

natawa naman ako sa I-doling. hahahaha.

Its the nose for me. ewan ko kung baket. :P

...crickette... said...

Nose? Dahil matangos o dahil malaki?

plaridel said...

come to think of it, a pair of eyes is seldom identical. if you pay attention, you can always find differences in them. it's especially true as the person ages. try an experiment. look at photographs of people. if you study them, you'll see what i mean. for now, i don't recommend looking at the eyes of real people because you might be accused of staring. the theory is that one eye represents how we project ourselves to the world. the other represents how we really are inside.

...crickette... said...

My eyes are not identical tlaga! You don't have to look very hard! Hahaha!

"the theory is that one eye represents how we project ourselves to the world. the other represents how we really are inside." --> I think i believe this!

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