Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 30: When were the happiest days of your life?

Since I've already given you ten events in my life that are significant to me, I won't mention any of those, anymore. I've lived 30 years, some great and some bad, but the happiest days of my life will have to be when I was back in college, my during clinical years. Before Dentistry school, I only thought that I wanted to be a dentist, but when I began my clinical years, I knew I wasn't just dreaming. I was a natural and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was tough, some obstacles made me cry, but I took everything as a challenge. 

Clinic was so much fun and I functioned well because I followed a process. Everyday, I was in school at 6am (Bon, too, because he had no choice) to have my things sterilized and to look for patients. If I had a free day, I'd work nonstop until lunch or work nonstop, until the afternoon. I kept myself busy and I did that, so that I could complete my requirements early and enjoy all the free time (while the rest are cramming). Finishing a requirement was such a big deal for me. At night I would be in my room, and I'd be staring at my tally sheets, with a smile on my face. It was one thing that I was sure, I was truly good at, so I relished every moment of it.

I also loved my college years because I found my true passion and I didn't care much about anyone. In high school I was much too reckless, with cheerleading and sports at the top of my list, and I was so centered on having fun and making friends. During A-levels, in London, I was much too alien and obscure so I was more intent on trying to fit in. College was so much different and I became more comfortable with just being myself. I didn't care about what other people thought because I said: "People who are cool, need not try, because we're cool already" (Hahaha!) So even if everyone was prancing around with their small bags, I was lugging around a huge backpack with books and school supplies --- and I just couldn't be bothered. Actually, I once had a classmate ask me: "Do you even sleep at night? I think you just study all the time" and it made me laugh because although I seemed geeky, I had a life away from books and teeth. In fact, I was out every weekend and I would even come to school without sleep (but I didn't feel that they needed to know that). 

ceu2 ceu1

Needless to say, I was a school - home, school - home, kind of girl, when I was in  CEU. I kept my friendships limited to the school premises and I had our driver pick me up, at 5pm sharp, everyday. However, I gave CEU a chance, towards the end, and I made friends (Hahaha!) Some of them are actually very dear to me, still. And yeah, I also tried to continue cheer leading and track & field, but it was a complete waste of time, so I focused on academics, and wasted even more time when I became Dental Student Council President. Nevertheless, I had a complete College experience (a good mixture of the good and bad), so I wouldn't complain --- it's good for the resume!

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 NOTE WELL: I absolutely loved clinical years... But it does not really mean that I am willing to go back and do it all again, okay?

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Diane Writes said...

Parehe tayo, college was one of the best years of my life. You have indeed accomplished a lot. Student council president ka pala, wow!

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