Saturday, December 17, 2011

Say Naughty

The other week I went home from my class with a task at hand --- buy a Php100-worth exchange gift that falls under the "something naughty" category. I spent a few minutes thinking about it too. All I could think of, however, was to pack a little boy inside a box (a really naughty little boy) but that was going over the budget, so I went to Facebook and asked my friends for ideas and it started a long conversation. It's so funny, I think, because I realized that children's lives are better now -- with Facebook and Twitter. Just post a blast on your wall, and you'll get answers for your homework, you know? I didn't have Facebook and Twitter back then. I had Friendster --- but that was crap really.

Anyway, here were some of the ideas I got from friends...
gift2 gift3gift5gift6gift7gift8     

I think my friends are all awesome. Some had good ideas too, did you read? They were talking about condoms, lubricants, sexy underwear, penis-shaped candies, edible panties, used panties (ewwwww) and Bobbie nail polish, “pussy red” color. If I could, I would really wrap a naughty boy, but I ended up getting the SEX DICE (Sorry I forgot to take a picture). It’s that sexy dice game that has actions on one and then body parts on another, so if you roll it right you can end up with something like LICK ---> EYES or BITE ---> NOSE.

My friend owns the sex shop, The Lovestore, and he sold me his toy for just Php100 and I went to class so excited to present my gift. I was so excited to find out what the others brought, too. I thought that since I was in a class with a lot of really smart dentists that maybe they would try hard, you know (granting that I didn't really think of my gift on my own, but I made an effort right?). Anyway, there were a few okay ideas. One dentist (she was the oldest) gave a mug that had a lady covered up in bubbles and it's cool because if you put hot water in it, the bubbles would disappear and she would appear naked. Another dentist (the tallest guy) was so creative with his naughty idea that he gave a rat trap.The other guy in class gave a Christmas kangaroo holding two blown-up condom and all the others gave lotion, petroleum jelly, aromatherapy oil and guess what I came home with:


A bottle of pH Care Feminine Wash.

So this is what's NAUGHTY now? I didn't know that pH Care is naughty just because you use it for that part of your body, but okay. I think it's naughtier if you don't use feminine wash because the smell will be naughty (Haha!) Regardless of what I got, I’d say it's fun to play this kind of Christmas gift giving game. I still have a bottle of feminine wash that I get especially from my OB but when I run out  I'll use this gift.

So, what’s naughty for you that’s worth P100?

2 added some drama:

AC said...

Hahaha! Extra pa ko. :P

Sayang wala kang pic nung dice. Curious ako e! Hahahhaaa.

Anyway, we have a lot of sex toys here in out unit (from vibrators to f%$#% dolls) kase a friend used to work for a sex toys shop, nung binaha yung Orchard last year they got all the items na lang. Pangulit lang namin dito sa bahay. Hehe. :D

For 100pesos I think I'll get.. teka, magkano ba edible undies? :P

Diane Writes said...

In fairness, full force ang mga friendships sa pagtulong!!!

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