Monday, February 28, 2011

I Must Be Old...

because I've had these on my mind lately...


images (1)



design inc black and white bedroom (1)




Oh well, I’m almost 30 so I am old enough to think about these things… 
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Too Busy to Blog

So I haven't written for quite some time now. I have been so busy. I have been preoccupied with work and life in general, and I feel that there is nothing too cool about my life to document, these days, anyways. Instead of a laboured post, therefore, you will have to be content with small updates. I think I've done this a few times, already. I do this when there is nothing great to write about, so here you go...
  • I found an amazing ALDO SALE SHOP. I was in Pampanga with Bon, the other day, and we went to Marquee (an Ayala mall). He's taken me there before, but I did not notice the store the first time I was there. The other day, however, the store shone as if it were under a spotlight. The words ALDO SALE SHOP caught my attention and I left him to enter the shop. If I had no major expenses scheduled, I would have gone crazy, but I had to restrain myself, and went home with just one pair (clap clap).
I got these for only Php1,200 but it was Php3,750 originally.
  • Our camera broke down. Well, it’s not dead yet but it’s definitely ILL, and I need to take it to the camera doctor. To take pictures, I had to use my phone; and it’s sad because I had this amazing cosmetic work the other day and I wasn’t able to take pictures of it. Oh well.
  • Last Christmas, I registered "You and Your Teeth" at and last month they sent me a sticker. I know it's not a big deal, but it's so cute. Not only do we have "free wifi" in the clinic, but you can also earn points for badges in Foursquare, so come on and visit us! (Hahaha!)
The sticker looks really cute, right?
  • I've been having really weird dreams lately. In one dream, I peed on someone's food twice. On the other, I cleaned and filled a cavity on a tooth inside a cinema. If these dreams have meanings, I'm interested to hear them. It may mean that I am weird or maybe I was really dying to go to the bathroom while I was sleeping, so it might not have a special meaning. For the other dream, it must only mean that I am an awesome dentist --- because I can do dental work in the cinema.
  • I've renewed my membership at Gold's Gym. I have been gym-free since December, and I felt really bad about it, but I've decided to go back and lose all the extra pounds. I lost my rhythm after the operation. I wasn't allowed to workout for three months and it was hard to go back. Hopefully, I get to be more responsible this time. There are new classes to try like JUKARI Fit to Flex and Boot Camp. I heard some ladies talking about Boot Camp being really intense, so I reckon it should be worth trying.
Please cross your fingers with me, thanks!
  • I have been having long, serious discussions with Monique lately. I was at a friend's clinic the other day, and his treatment of his assistant made me rethink my methods. I may be too nice, but I don't really know how to be more authoritative. I realized that I have the tendency to just laugh at things, so I talked to her about it. Sadly, it also opened my eyes to all her faults, so I had no choice but to talk to her. I still wasn't scary enough --- you can ask my little sisters, I am not good with scary --- so I hope that she knows I am the boss (well, Bon and I) and she needs to try harder. Well, don't get me wrong. Monique is still awesome and we love her, but I've learned to love her despite the small things and I realized that as her boss, I should try to help her by letting her grow --- hence the long talks.
  • After one year of supplying us with toothpaste, mouthwash and toothbrush for the patients (and for personal use), COLGATE decided to team up with the worst company ever (just kidding) and a new agent came (along with two plastic bags of samples) delivering a message: "If you want us to keep giving you samples, you need to buy Php2,000 worth of products from us every two months. There are other dentists who don't get to receive any samples, you know...". Maybe it was the way he said it --- I dunno, but maybe I'll start prescribing more SENSODYNE to patients, from now on. After all, they still give freebies regularly. I mean, they do not give as much as COLGATE does, but I kinda felt bad because we have been wondering how COLGATE could afford to give us so many free stuff (two plastic bags filled with stuff). Last December, I bought products from Colgate (worth Php2,500) because I felt that the agent wanted me to, now they finally made it known that they are going to make us PAY FOR THE FREEBIES??? We used to give all the stuff away to everyone that comes in: (1) to paying patients and their companions (even those that did not receive treatment); (2) to card holders and their companions; (3) anyone who asks for free toothpaste and toothbrush. Now, we have decided to only give to those who pay for their treatment so that we can prolong our supply and only buy when we really need something from them.
3_Photo0261 (1)
  • We have already sold FIVE of the NINE puppies, but we still have some left. So, if you want to give these puppies a home, please let me know by leaving a comment here or better yet, emailing me at:
IMG_1537 IMG_1546 IMG_1554 IMG_1541

Please pray that I get my blogging mojo back. I haven't done my regular blog-hop, as well, but I will soon go around ---- so keep writing my blogger friends!
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Help a Brother Out...

This is not my brother because I don't have one... but this is a friend's brother and he needs your help. He needs 150 views before MARCH 4, so please click this link, let it load, mute it if you must and just let it finish. It's very simple --- can you please help him???

to be sure that your effort counts, click this LINK

Hugs and Kisses, 

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We Had Fun at Yaki Mix

More than 7 years ago, Bon and I went on our first official date. It was Valentine’s Day, and for some reason, we chose to drive to far far Alabang, to have dinner at TGI Fridays. After pretending that my Caeser Salad with Griled Chicken was enough, we drove to Las Pinas to see some friends and partied with them. We stayed for more than an hour and then decided to head back home. 

When we reached Megamall, he asked me the question he’d been asking for a while now: “When can I tell people that Crickette is my girlfriend?” With all honesty, I was ready to say “yes”, but in my mind I was thinking about my previous relationship and I knew that our anniversary was “12” so I wanted a date a little further from that number. I had no issue about it --- promise --- but my OC mind wanted something around the 20s, you know? Also, I didn’t want to have February 14 as an anniversary. I checked my watch and it was still around 11:00pm, so it was going to be a “no”. I am not going to have Valentine’s day as my cheesy anniversary --- no!

When we got to my house, he asked again and I told him:  "No, let me think about it again", and he was already sad and even said: “Oh okay, bye…” and it freaking worked on me. As he was telling me to just forget it and to have a good night, I turned to him and said: “Okay, okay…. (I checked my watch and saw it was the 15th already) Yes!!!” To this day, he takes pride at the fact that he fooled me into saying “yes”.

7 years after… we’re almost about to start a new chapter in our life together, but before anything else --- we celebrated our 7 years with --- FOOD! We’ve always wanted to try Yaki Mix and it was perfect because they had a branch at Tomas Morato (5 minutes away from the clinic), so we decided to have lunch there.


Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my camera, so you’d have to be content with the FOOD shots I took with my phone. If the 2-megapixel cam-phone did not do justice, forgive me; but take my word for it --- YAKI MIX is great! It’s cheap at P499 (lunch) and P580 (dinner), and I would say that the selection is quite generous.
Photo0212Photo0215 Photo0217Photo0218

The best part about Yaki Mix is GRILLING the food!

Photo0213 Photo0216

Yes, I wanna go back and eat there again!
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Encounter with a Perve

1.1280806351.manila-jeepney-er-public-bus along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City

Every Thursday and Friday, I leave my car in the clinic and Bon brings me to EDSA to take the MRT or the bus to the condo in Ortigas. I do this to save gas --- and it really works --- because my full tank lasts me more than two weeks, from Pasig to Timog. It's not hard. Going home is fine because I only take one ride (with Bon's help), but going to work in the morning is tough because I need to take two rides --- a bus ride and a jeep ride (thankfully, the jeep stops in front of the clinic). I dread the commute, but it's okay. I have been doing it for a year now (I think) and it isn't so bad --- also, I only do it for two days. Apart from having to endure the heat (when walking) it is not so bad, at all. However, the most dreadful thing happened to me last week.

I usually sit in the first rows, so that I am nearest to the driver. Upon entering, I judged that the right side (with the couple) would be crowded, so I took the left side and sat with the old man (probably in his fifties). They were showing Skyline on the television so I was watching --- I watch the shows while I eat candy because I tend to get a little dizzy when I'm in the bus.

Anyway, when I took my seat, I noticed the man had chosen to occupy 75% of the two-seater space. He had his legs open too wide and I felt his leg touching mine. I decided then to give him 80% of the space, but I noticed that he'd decided to occupy the 5%-gap that I had set as free space and this time I felt him moving his leg up and down. I did not know what to do. Things like this do not happen to me, so I wasn't sure how to handle it.
  • I thought of shouting: "What are you doing? You perve!" But I was not sure if he was really perving on me or not.
  • I thought of transferring to another seat.
  • I thought of telling him off to the driver or the conductor.
I had a lot of thoughts in my mind as I gave him 85% of the seat, but I did not do it because I could not think. I have never been in this kind of situation before and I did not know what to do. After a while, I was already at my stop and I felt relieved. Relief did not come so long, though, because when I exited the bus --- he followed, too. I decided, then, to hurry to ride the jeep and was surprised that he took the same one, too. When I sat down, I barricaded myself with my bags and made sure that he could not come near me anymore.

For my foreign readers let me explain to you how JEEP rides work. When you pay, you have to pass your coins from person to person, until it reaches the driver --- and the driver gives his change back from person to person until it reaches you. Anyway, I was determined to ignore this man, so I passed my payment to the person across from me and it reached the driver. Unfortunately, though, I still had some change, so the driver gave it back and MISTER PERVE got it. When he extended his hand, I hesitated a bit and then prepared to receive the coins. I hoped that he would drop my change in my hand but he proceeded to leave me a lingering touch that immediately sent SHIVERS to my bone --- as in I shook, and my body trembled in front of everyone, I wanted to drop the coins.

When I got to my destination, I hurried to my clinic (Don't worry, I did not ask to be dropped off in front --- I decided to go down two buildings ahead). I entered the clinic and I sat at the reception area and called Monique: "Minanyak ata ako!" ("I think I've been violated!"). I felt so stupid. I felt so weak. I felt so stupid. I felt so stupid. I don't know why I did not do anything. It is not like me to just sit there and do nothing --- but I did not know what to do. All the ideas came, while I was trying to recall what had happened --- but none of those ideas came when MISTER PERVE was beside me.

I'm so sorry I'm so stupid. I really feel so bad. Bon said I should not wear skirts when I commute. It wasn't too short, but he may be right. I have been commuting for a year (I think) and I have been riding buses and jeeps in skirts shorter than what I was wearing that day. I hadn't even brushed my hair, if I recall right. I had no make-up. I did not look inviting at all, and the man did not look PERVY.

Oh gosh! I still feel so stupid. I actually did not want to write about this because I feel that it's my fault anyway. I'm sorry. I don't know why I let that happen to me... I promise to not even question situations like that anymore --- if it happens again (but I pray that it won't anymore). If that happens again, I will not hesitate, I will just shout: "YUCK! YOU PERVERT!" --- or something like that. I promise!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


More than 10 years ago, my friend and I were huddled together trying to solve a very complicated CALCULUS  problem. I did my magic. He did his magic. None of our mojos worked. We spent hours looking at the numbers and they did not make sense, at all. I decided to give up on it and turned to a magazine. It was his homework, anyway, so it wasn't my problem. I had just arrived from London and was not attending school yet. Schoolwork was far from my mind.

Around midnight, his dad arrived. He nodded to greet us and I feebly said: "Hi tito!" He passed his son, patted him on the back and looked into the work he had in front of him.

DAD: Oh, kailangan mo ba ng tulong? (Do you need help?)
FRIEND: Mejo mahirap eh (It's kinda hard)

He briefly looked at the problem we had attempted to tackle for hours, and turned to my friend.

DAD: Eh, madali lang ito! (This is easy!) Here, do this... do that... and this...

I was amazed. I did not know him that well, but I knew his sons, and this memory of him has never left me ever since. Goodbye.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Pups for Sale

My mom said to my sisters and I: "If you want to get ________ (I am leaving blank because it is a secret), you have to raise the money, yourself!". Henceforth, we are selling our puppies again! Hahahahaha, just kidding! We just really have too many in the house now, and our dogs don't wanna stop sharing the love with each other --- and it's not easy to see them go crazy when they're in HEAT --- believe me!

So, here you go... we have 9 puppies from two different mommies, for sale. They are selling for Php3,500 (negotiable).

These five are GUDAY’s babies. Guday is half poodle, so her kids have curly hair.

IMG_1537PUPPY 1: Curly. Grey, black and brown. Female.

PUPPY 2: Slightly curly. Black and brown. Female.

PUPPY 3: Slightly curly. Black and brown. Female.

PUPPY 4: Brown, grey and white. Male.

PUPPY 5: Brown and black. Male.


The next batch is Gigi’s babies. Yes, we have two “sluts” in the house.

Puppy 6: Brown, black and white. Male.

Puppy 7: Brown, black and white. Female.

Puppy 8: Black and white. Female.

Puppy 9: Black and white. Female.
(This puppy could not pose for me, so I had to hold her!)

Just like before, email me at with the subject: "PUPPIES", you are interested.
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