Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 Birthday Wishes

Whenever I have a birthday, Bon is the happiest man alive --- because today, til June 13, I am "2 years older" than him. I was born March 31, 1981 and he was born June 13, 1982. It doesn't really bother me because he looks older (Hahaha!) but when he greeted me today, he didn't make me forget it... :)


Anyway, since it's my day today, I thought it best to wish for 30 things:
  1. I wish that the wars all over the world would stop.
  2. I wish that there won't be anymore disasters to happen.
  3. I wish that the victims of the disasters would find some peace.
  4. I wish that everyone gets the opportunity to work and find decent employment.
  5. I wish that everyone gets to eat today --- and everyday.
  6. I wish that the families of the 3 Filipinos, who were executed in China, will find in their hearts to forgive.
  7. I wish that the parents of the likes of "JanJan", would realize the damage they have caused to their boy's life.
  8. I wish that Filipinos would have great things to hope for, other than to win in variety shows.
  9. I wish that earthquakes don't find their way here.
  10. I wish to never experience the direct effect of a tsunami.
  11. I wish that my little sisters would have great futures ahead of them.
  12. I wish that my parents would have a long, happy and comfortable life.
  13. I wish that everyone in this world wakes up to a dream come true.
  14. I wish that God will bless my life, my career and my entire journey.
  15. I wish that "You and Your Teeth" gets tons of patients.
  16. I wish that all the people whom I've hurt in the past, could forgive me for the things I've done.
  17. I wish that all the people who have hurt me, would not hurt anyone else.
  18. I wish that the price of gasoline would miraculously go down to Php20.00 per liter.
  19. I wish someone would give me an iPad.
  20. I wish someone would give me an original DVD of Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
  21. I wish that my sister, Pia, would get an awesome internship.
  22. I wish that my sister, Hannah, would pass and top the bar exams in 2015.
  23. I wish that my sister, Abigail, would serve well in LaSalle and "still" study hard.
  24. I wish that my best friend, Mabs, would pass her exams for Australia.
  25. I wish that all the animals in the world would be loved as we love our dogs.
  26. I wish that my friends Quin, Ting and Maree, would come home from the US and visit us.
  27. I wish that I could travel to London, again, and visit my friends.
  28. I wish that the heat won't be too much in the coming months.
  29. I wish that more people would read and follow my blog.
  30. I wish that "YOU" will have a great life.
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I Started a Project

I cook. I taught myself to cook, but I am not brilliant. I am not a talented cook. My skill is not innate --- rather forced, actually. A few years ago, I felt that I needed to learn, so I opened some cookbooks at home and started cooking. As soon as I began, I realized it was fun, but I still do not consider myself good at what I do. I cheat. I am a cheater. I do not have a good palate for innovation and experimentation, so I rely on cookbooks, and the internet is my friend. For years now, I have depended on certain websites for my recipes. I follow them, step-by-step, and cross my fingers for a good result. Most of the time, I hit the jackpot, but I still would not call myself talented. I cook because I have to, not because I am good at it, and since I will be cooking on a daily basis, soon enough, I've decided to take on a new project.

I love projects. I love making myself busy --- it's what I live for --- and although this one is not really a big deal, it's quite exciting for me. I've wanted to do this for quite some time now, but I couldn't find the time to begin it. The other day, however, I realized that my clock is ticking; so before the bomb goes off, I decide to get my equipment ready and arm myself for the battle. This is the problem when you have a mind like mine, because I have the tendency to worry, and I panic. I am a planner, therefore, I NEED THIS.

Last Saturday, after going around Rustan's Department store in Shang, my feet took me inside Office Warehouse, and I bought 50sheets of index cards, dividers and an index card case (for proper indexing).


Since Sunday, I've been going through different cooking websites and I've been copying recipes for my "collection". I decided to do this, so that I do not have to rely on the internet anymore. When I need to find a recipe, I will just refer to my "RECIPE BOX" and go through the different tabs labelled: chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, seafood, soups, pasta, salads, dessert, snacks, others... I am this neurotic. Sometimes it's good. Sometimes it's bad. This one --- this one is good, though, especially for Bon. (Hahaha!) Hopefully, this helps me go through it all, because like I said, I AM NOT A COOK. I cook not because I love to do it. I cook because I have to. I have fun, but it does not necessarily result to amazing dishes, so I am crossing my fingers that this project will be a success.

Wish me luck,
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Two Extra Children

After I get married and start having kids, I want the Lord to bless me with two children --- a girl and a boy --- in that order. Bon likes a big brother, but I do not agree. He says that big brothers are important in a family because boys can be trusted to do things that girls cannot. I like a big sister because I am one. A girl is more responsible and more caring. A girl is nosy and all up in your business. A girl is going to be the mom's sidekick and will take her part, managing the house. One boy in the family is okay. It does not matter if the boy is the oldest or the youngest --- as long as there is one. So, dear God, please give me a GIRL and then a BOY.
boy or girl

I, also, do not want to have too many children. There's four of us in the family, and although that isn't too many, we always tell my younger sisters: "It was so much better before you were born!" (Hahahaha, yeah we're mean like that!). It's hard when you have a big family. When you travel, you cannot stay in one hotel room; when you ride the plane, someone always gets separated; especially if you have big butts, it's hard to fit in a car (so you need a van); and everything is just more expensive --- movie tickets, entrance fees and so forth. If you have two kids, you just have to worry about FOUR people and not SIX (like in our case).

I know Bon wants to have three children --- because there's three of them in the family. I, however, want to get rid of the middle-child syndrome, so I wanna just have two children (and that means that there are no middle children in my family). Hahahahaha!

Anyway, I just thought of this because right now, two of us in the family have already finished College and two are still attending school (one is a senior, one is a junior), and I was telling my mom: "Don't worry, in one year's time Pia would be done and then after that, Abi will graduate, too. You and papa can start relaxing after that..." and my mom was like: "I know!!!" Funnily enough, Pia heard the end of the conversation so she sarcastically replied: "It's not me who had two extra children!" Hahahahahahaha! Oh, do not worry! There is no bitterness in this family --- this is just how we show love!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Burn Bugsy Burn!

Bon and I have been overstressed lately. We have been preoccupied with work and all kinds of preparations, so when our good friend, Annalyn, organized a night out --- we obliged!


We had fun. I haven't been out in a long time, and it was really nice to be with old friends. We used up the entire night to chit chat about life, other people, and work. It's so funny. I mean, we all can't wait to get out of the clinic, but still can't wait to talk about work when we're out.
We actually planned to get drunk --- unfortunately, we weren't successful with that. We succeeded on stuffing ourselves with lots of food, though. We were at Bugsy's Bar & Bistro at Global City, and what I like about that place is they have great food. Unfortunately, I was too preoccupied to take photos of the food, so there will be no FOOD SHOTS in this post. What I have are photos of me, trying "Burn Bugsy Burn". The drink is more than just a shot --- in fact, it involves a lot of sucking.

FIRST, the waiter ignites the drink (hence the name: Burn Bugsy Burn).

SECOND, you have to drink the contents of the shot glass using a straw.

THIRD, you have to suck-in the vapor trapped inside the glass.

FOURTH, you have to make sure you get every drop of the drink because you paid for it.

I think we each had one cocktail and one shot of Burn Bugsy Burn, so none of us got drunk. Well apparently, we didn't have to be drunk to act like crazy people.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thou Shall Not Be Afraid of Root Canals

In the clinic, when I mention ROOT CANAL to a patient, I usually get a squirm and some patients even start to tear. I don't think I ever got something like: "Oh wow! One root canal please!" and I'm not sure I ever will (Oh wait, I think I have --- I'm not sure). Often times, when I tell a patient that their tooth needs a root canal, they get anxious. When I ask them why, they say that they were told it is painful.

Now, this is the TRUTH: Root canals aren't always painful. The pain involved in the procedure is subjective. People experience varying levels of pain --- and people react to pain differently. Some can tolerate increased pain levels and some cower in even the slightest stimuli. At the same time, infection and disease process is never identical. In other words, what your friend or relative experienced on his or her root canal, will not be the same as yours. Root canals can bring people grief, but not always. Therefore, thou shall not be afraid of root canals. As ominous as it sounds, it is not really that bad.

I've had two root canals in my 29 years. The first one was done by an Indian dentist, when I was in London, and the other one was done by the most handsome dentist I know, his name is Bon. (Hahahahaha!) During my first time, I was about 16 --- and I did not even know what a root canal is. After I passed Endodontics in Dentistry school, I understood what Dr. Sayyal was doing with his entire fist in my mouth (This is partly the reason why I give a brief narrative to my patients. I spent hours with my mouth open, and the dentist never told me why --- I ask the patient if they wanna know what I'm doing, and if they are interested, I begin to discuss). The second root canal was fine, as well. I did not experience any pain during the procedure. For two days, it felt as though someone was putting pressure on the tooth, but it went away soon after.

I've encountered different things in the clinic. I've had patients who felt nothing at all. I've had patients who could feel every inch of the file. I've had patients that jumped a little when I tried to extirpate (pull out and kill) the pulp (nerves). I've had patients who slept through the entire procedure. In other words, do not believe what your friend or relative tells you about root canals because it may not be true for you. What you have to understand is that you have two choices:

a. You can have the tooth extracted --- and, of course, say goodbye to that tooth.
b. You can get a root canal and save that tooth.

Root canals are more expensive --- TRUE; but when you lose a tooth, replacing it with dentures (fixed or removable) will be more costly. Once you've lost the tooth, it is irreversible. You will have to replace it with prosthesis, eventually. You just have to trust the dentist when he or she tells you that it is the BEST option for you. Just open your mouth, welcome the anesthetic solution and relax on the chair. Bring an iPod if you must, watch a movie --- or sleep. When you wake up, your toothache will be history. Sounds simple, right?

Anyway, this is what happens during a root canal procedure.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

30 Going on 13

At the end of the month I am going to be 30. Oh no! I know I don't look 30 (Hahaha!), but I wonder: "What do people in their 30s do, anyway?" I think I should know... Just in case!
In the movie, 13 Going on 30, Jennifer Garner, at thirteen, wanted to be "30, flirty and thriving". Do 13-year old girls really wish to be mature and sophisticated? Sometimes I don't even want to go to work and I want to pretend that it's not necessary. During long breaks, like Christmas and New Years, I get to spend  days of my life as a teenager. I pretend to have to have no worries. I pretend to live for the moment, and that makes it difficult for me to stand up and go to work after the whole stretch has ended.

I love my work (I really do), but don't you just want to stay at home and laze around? YES and YES --- but it's not really possible. If I don't come to work, I will not earn. If I don't earn, I cannot pay the rent and the utilities. If I don't work, I won't have shopping money. If I don't shop, life will be sad. If I don't work, I'll have nothing to do. If I don't do anything, I will die. This weren't my worries at 13, so why did that girl want to be 30?

Anyway, there's no turning back anymore. I am going to be 30 soon, and I need to know what people in their 30s do?
  • I know I have to keep working. We all have to work because money don't grow on trees and the bills will pile up, otherwise.
  • I know I have to care more for my skin --- and I have been. I've started moisturizing, albeit late but at least I've begun. I know I am not getting any younger, and my obvious disregard for my skin will weigh heavily in the future, so I started to make amends.
  • I really ought to live more, before I get "too old" to do so. I used to be quite "cool" but I don't even know what's cool anymore. I don't go out. I don't take risks anymore. I need someone to take me to the dark side. Is it okay for 30-year olds to revisit such places? (Maybe not).
  • I should start a family. People won't stop telling me I'm getting old, and therefore expiring. Don't worry, it's pending. Oh come on, I am not pregnant, that is not what I meant about "pending".
So, what do people in their 30s do? Oh gosh... I wanna be 13 again! Life was simpler then... 
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

My First Task as a Maid of Honor

My good friend is getting married this June. It's going to be a lovely picnic-themed wedding, and I am the MAID OF HONOR. It's my first time to be one, and frankly, I dunno what I'm supposed to do as one, so I just take my lead from her. (Hahaha!) We went to bridal conventions. We went fabric hunting. We updated each other through text and online chats. Anyway, to be able to "tick" one more item on her wedding to-do list, we scheduled her for hair and make up trial. I referred her to a make-up artist, RIA REDOR, and we headed to her lovely studio.

I've tried Ria before, and she is amazing. The thing I love about her is she's an awesome person. From the moment you step into her studio, you become instant friends, and the entire session will be a laughing trip. My friend had an fabulous time, as well. Apparently, Ria had some history in the corporate world, and they had fun chatting about that. We also gossiped a lot about celebrities --- and that is always fun to do.

I won't be posting before and after pics, although I am dying to do so --- because they're amazing --- but you just have to trust me that she looked beautiful. You'll find out who it is by June, anyway, so instead of posting pictures of her, I am posting pictures of Ria's The Red Door Make-Up Studio (#58 Lanzones St. Project 2, Quezon City). I love Ria's studio. It is colorful and hip --- just like her. It is lively and artistic, just like her personality. If you wish to try her for your wedding/events, you can check her FACEBOOK page or contact her through these numbers: (02) 345-3236 / 0922-8745336.

IMG_1754IMG_1755 IMG_1756 IMG_1758

After the session, my friend treated me to lunch at PINO RESTO BAR at #38 Malingap St. Teachers Village, Quezon City. The place is nice for the price of the food, so it's a winner for me. I, unfortunately, ordered the wrong dish. I had Spicy Tuyo Pesto Pasta and did not know that it had shrimps and squid --- the menu did not say so. My friend actually asked if it had shrimps (the lady said "yes", so we had them removed), but when my plate came it came with squid. It was really yummy, but could hardly breathe until dessert arrived. Anyway, what's important is that I did not die.

Wasabi Onion Rings
This one is very good. I love onion rings and the hint of wasabi is lovely.

Spicy Tuyo Pesto Pasta
This is very creamy. If it weren’t for the squid and shrimps, this would be perfect!

Vegetable Couscous with Curry Sauce
I liked this. I only got to taste it, though, because this is my friend’s plate

Vegetarian Chocolate Moist Cake
I LOVE this cake. The chocolate is very rich and the coconut ice cream is perfect because it’s not too sweet.

All in all, it was an awesome day. I had a great time with my friend. We had fun with Ria and Chris. We had a great meal. I lived to tell you all about it. Bon was left in the clinic to work on all the patients, and I came just in time for my first and last patient. (Hahaha!)

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Three Surprises in a Week

It's always fun to encounter surprises --- and I must have done something good because I got  THREE surprises last week. First, I got an email from Marisse of Dentiste' and in it was a copy of the shoot I did with Umagang Kay Ganda. Do you still remember my most important TV appearance? (Hahahaha!)

I've already forgotten about it, but it has come to haunt me again! Please do not laugh at my cheeks ---  I know they're massive! Also, please be kind about my interview. I did not get to prepare for it so it was kind of an ambush! I did what I can --- I hope I did not bring shame to "You and Your Teeth", Centro Escolar University College of Dentistry and my name. Mabeth says my TV voice is weird --- I agree! I do not talk like that. TV Crickette must have taken drugs (just kidding!).

The next surprise I got came via AIR 21. Whenever I get stuff from AIR 21, I get so excited. It's usually stuff I've ordered online, but this one was more special. It was a package from Frances of Topaz Horizon and it contained three things: Garnier Brigtening Eyeroll, Revlon CustomEyes Waterproof Mascara and Revlon Age Defying Concealer.


Frances is the sweetest! I told her it felt like Christmas all over again! I am gonna tell you this, she did not have to give me anything, but she did --- so I am so grateful! I'm excited to try out the "brightening eyeroll". Since I'm such an insomniac, I have dark circles under my eyes, so I hope and pray that this will work for me!

Oh yeah, the third surprise was finding out that our camera is not ILL anymore. I don't know what happened. I told you it wasn't broken. I knew I was right with thinking that it was just sick because I turned it on, the other day, it just decided to work. Hahaha!

Do you love surprises too?
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh, I Love Globe My Super Plan

I have been with Globe since the beginning of time. I have maintained my line for so long and I intend to keep it because I love my number. It's so easy to remember. Anyway, I've heard about the amazing postpaid plans that GLOBE started offering but my sister and I couldn't convert our account because we were still enjoying our Php900.00 rebate. Yeah, because of that there were months when I only had to pay Php50.00 --- It's so crazy.

Anyway, two months ago we reached 24/24 rebates and we received quite a shock when the real bills started to arrive. It's still not too big, but after paying Php50.00 for two years, it's quite painful to pay more than that. That's when we decided to try out MY GLOBE SUPER PLAN. It's quite fun because unlike the OLD PLANS years back, you get to customize your plan according to your need and budget.

1: You choose your BASE PLAN: I got the ALL UNLI PLAN

2: You choose your ADD ON(s): I got the FREE Unlimited CALL & TEXT to GLOBE for Php599.00

3. You choose your FREEBIES. If you chose a BASE PLAN that is entitled to some frebies, you can choose from this bunch: I didn't have to choose one because I do not have free stuff :(

4. You choose a PHONE. If you you want to get a phone, you can enjoy a discount by entering  into a contract with GLOBE: I didn't have to do this because I already have a phone and I only switched my existing account to different one, but I heard that the rate for the phone is almost halved if you get it with a PLAN.

Anyway, ever since I converted my line, I have been calling everyone like crazy (Well not really). It's just that I used to only call when I have to because I am afraid of bills --- oh I really am. Now, I don't even have to bother counting the minutes I spend on a phone call. As long as I only call and text people with GLOBE or TM numbers, I will only pay Php599 every month and it's soooooo amazing. This is so great for someone who is a stingy as I am --- and it's even greater because:
  • I don't have to text while driving, especially when it is important. I can just call and I don't have to worry about my bill because it's still going to be Php599.
  • I can recall patients A-Z with a bigger smile on my face now because I don't have to spend so  much on every text I send.
  • When I wanna fight with someone, I do not have to worry about large bills. I can just make a call and stay on the line --- until my battery runs out --- because as long as it's GLOBE and TM, I won't be charged, extra, for it.
  • Calling is easier than texting when you have a QWERTY phone. Also, calling is COOL so that means I'm cool now! Hahahaha!
Sorry. I think this plan is not even new, but since I've only had it for a week, give me a chance to rejoice about it. And for those who are still maintaining their old GLOBE plans, go to the nearest office and convert now!
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have not had a lot of men in my life. In history, I have truly loved only four people --- two of them came from Camp Aguinaldo (Okay, go ahead --- you do not really have to think that hard!)


Falling in love in Camp Aguinaldo is fun. My friends from St. Paul were all jealous because we lived a very TGIS life (for those who don’t know, it's a television show, sort of like "One Tree Hill" and "Dawson's Creek", but on the cheesier side). We grew up together. We met each other when we were still wearing shirts (without bras) and we grew up so close to each other, that "falling in love" was inevitable.

My first real love is memorable. I was too young and we went through all the 90s puppy love relationship rituals.
  • We sent each other letters and although we were only three houses away, we did not make it easy. When he would send me letters (written in 1 to 3 post-its), he would give it to his classmate who would give it to his busmate, and this busmate who was my classmate, would give it to me. I don't know why we had to do it that way, because the notes said nothing important. At one letter he just said something like “What are you doing? We’re not doing anything.” but at the end he wrote "TAKE CARE" in BOLD LETTERS, and that was a big deal before --- remember? I guess the complicated delivery service made it more special; otherwise it was just a note on a post-it.
  • We stayed on the phone till our ears were burning. When we'd gone home, after hanging out at a friend's house after school, he'd call and we'd stay on the phone for hours. I don't even remember what we talked about, but we stayed on the phone for so long! I guess they were all nonsense because I really can't remember anything... but during that time, it was really very special.
  • We went on pseudo-dates. I say pseudo because we never really dated. He did not ask me out. We did not really go out to have lunch/dinner, or whatever. Once, we planned to go to the mall to buy a friend a gift. His driver drove for us and we went into the mall, got the CD, and went back to the car. I remember the driver asking: "Tapos na?" ("You're done?") and I do not understand why we did not even stop to get ice cream, Coke or even to walk around the mall. I did not think of it. I doubt that he did. But now that I am thinking about it, I'd say it's soooooo stupid!
  • We communicated through pagers. I had a pager... he didn't (I was cool like that)! I had a pager because my dad left for the UK earlier than we did and when I got my hand-me-down pager, the letters stopped, and all the "TAKE CARE" messages became more high-tech. That made owning a pager, even cooler, and I saved all his messages even if they weren't sweet at all.
  • I wrote him poems ---- Oh I wrote him hundreds of poems! I was so "in love" and so I made sure to document every emotion. I think I gave him some --- but I doubt that he kept any of them. I kept all the poems I've written.
I did a lot of silly and cheesy things when I was young. Love affairs when you're 16 is all fun and games. Heartbreaks weren't real and our problems were shallow. We did not end up together. We did not even formally date. I left for London and we drifted apart from each other. It was briefly resurrected when I got back home, but nothing really happened --- and I had my first boyfriend (as a revenge, joke). I do not regret falling in love with him. We are great friends, to this day (and I hope even after this post).

Falling in love made life at camp even memorable. In the opening paragraph, I said two of my four great loves came from Camp Aguinaldo. I wonder if my friends could guess who #2 was...
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P.S. there is no prize for guessing it right!
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