Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Hair Story

To those whom I haven't seen me in a while, I already have SHORT HAIR, and there is an interesting story behind it...


You see, it has been my plan to get a haircut after the wedding. I haven't had one in a while because I wanted for my hair to be long enough for styling (etc) and among the first things I had planned for, as soon as we've settled down, was a trip to the parlor --- so off I went. For quite some time now, four years perhaps, I have gone to one salon and one salon only --- Tony and Jackey, Timog Avenue. I have said over and over again, I keep coming back for one reason: I love the way they cut hair. They do not rush, unlike in other places, so when your hair grows --- it grows beautifully.

A few weeks back, I had my husband drop me off at the salon (which was a two-minute drive from our place) and I went in for my haircut. In my experience, it did not really matter which stylist I got, because they were all good --- so, like always, I didn't bother requesting for anyone specific. When my turn finally arrived, I got shampooed and then I met my stylist. He was a chubby guy wearing glasses --- I was told his name is Michael. When he asked me what I wanted, I gave my instructions:
  • cut off about 5 inches
  • feather the front slightly
  • make the back look straight but cut it in such a way so that my hair seems thinner
I had my magazine and my drink to entertain me, so I let him proceed. He went snip here, snip there, paused to show me the length of what I believed was supposed to be the shortest part in the front. I approved, so he went on and then he made two huge snips, one on either side, right under my ear. I froze. I could see it already. It was too short --- but I did not say anything yet. When the ladies came back to give me a blow dry, the truth came out, and I saw how horrible my hair was. I was debating in my head: "Should I bother complaining? I mean, it's just hair Crix, it will grow? But it's so awful... Is it really that awful? Oh yes, it is, you cannot do anything with this. You ought to say something" --- and so, I did! I looked up, and I saw that he was happily drying my hair, and I broke his smile.

CRIX: What is this? (pointing at the weird "ear-length" bangs he had given me). This is too short and what style is this? You have to understand, I am a dentist, I need my hair away from my face and I can't even tie this up (I grabbed my hair, as if to tie it, and true enough the " bangs" fell on my face and covered my eyes).
STYLIST: I'm so sorry. You want me to repair it? I'm really very sorry.
CRIX: No it's okay.  I am not mad. I am just very very sad. Hair will grow, I am okay, but I just don't know what I'd do with this because my hair is thick... that is why I can't have this kind of hairstyle.
STYLIST: Oh, let me fix it. You want me to make it look thin? I can make it look thin.
CRIX: Oh no, it's okay. By thinning, I know it means you're going to cut more, so let's just leave it like this.
STYLIST: Oh trust me, I am the stylist, I know what to do.
CRIX: Oh I trusted you, and this is what happened... I'm okay now.

The entire time that I was having this embarrassing (yet necessary) conversation with the Korean stylist, I was aware of the other customer to my right. Before I was done, she stood up to get shampooed, and when we saw each other, we just laughed. Apparently, the woman beside me was my teacher in Dentistry. I caught her attention when I said the word "dentist" and she knew she had to look. I was a little embarrassed, having made a fuss over such a small thing, but before she left for her shampoo she said: "Wait for me!", so I did. When she came back she asked me what happened, and then she revealed to me that the same stylist had murdered her hair once, too. Oh well, lesson learned --- you cannot really assume that everyone at Tony & Jackey is good.

When I got home, I stared at myself for --- I don't know how long, and concluded that I just got the worst haircut of my life. I endured it for TWO WEEKS by keeping my hair in a constant bun with gazillions of hairpins. I kept telling myself not to worry because hair would grow anyway, but I am a girl and I am naturally vain, so I finally decided to take another trip to the salon and finally get a repair. I first thought to just get bangs  to deal with the "ear length" catastrophe. But I finally decided to just get a real haircut and cut my hair short (after I don't know how many years). I was thinking, instead of waiting for the damage to grow to an acceptable length, why not just wait for ALL OF MY HAIR grow?

So anyway, I have short hair now, and here are some pictures of myself celebrating my new haircut with other people. I was told I look younger with my hair cut short... like 29? Hahahahahahahaha! No, but really, they say I look younger --- 20, even! Hahahahaha!  

247231_10150205174637732_593412731_7098299_2967793_n 259931_10150205174107732_593412731_7098295_8268145_n

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Real Thing Diner: Always Coca-Cola

A week before our wedding, I was working on the guestbook with my best friend, and after slaving around for hours, we were famished. We were picked up by her boyfriend, Karym, and after spending about 30 minutes going around Tomas Morato and Timog Avenue, we ended up going to Il Terrazo Mall and having dinner in this new place called "The Real Thing Diner".

IMG_2093 IMG_2094

"The Real Thing Diner" is a Coca-Cola Diner and although it does not look so inviting from the outside, it is so much better when you get inside. The place is red and white, Coca-Cola's colors, and their food incorporates all kinds of Coca-Cola products in the ingredients.

They have things like:
Sprite-Potato Cheese Soup, Royal Pumpkin Soup, Coca-Cola Chili con Carne, Coca-Cola BBQ Burger, Sprite Salmon, Coca-Cola Chocolate Decadent Cake, Coke-Drizzled Sundae and SO MUCH MORE…

IMG_2099IMG_2096  IMG_2097 IMG_2098

We had the Wing It Platter (Php699). We could not decide on what to get, so we got a platter to be able to try different things. Also, we opted for it because it’s cheaper. Anyway, the “Wing it Platter” has Sarsi Wings, Coca-Cola Baby Back Ribs and Royal Tru-Orange Porkchop. It also comes with rice and pitcher of Iced Tea.

Now, I have to be honest: as good as the idea is, the food is not something to rave about. It was just okay. The ribs were good tender but that is the only thing memorable about it. The porkchop was forgettable and we didn’t get to finish it. My favorite (and their bestseller) is the SARSI WINGS – but Mabeth did not like it very much.

Will I eat there again, I would, because the owner was nice and very accommodating and there's more in their menu that I need to try. My husband is not a fan of carbonated drinks, but maybe it's different when you eat the soda and not drink it. Haha!


The Real Thing Diner
2/F Il Terrazo Mall
Tomas Morato

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P.S. I took Bon to “The Real Thing Diner” a few days after I wrote this post and he was just “okay” about it too. As usual, we enjoyed the SARSI WINGS best, but his Coca-Cola BBQ Burger was just alright.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Panic Buying for "Doom's Day"

A few weeks ago, many people thought that the world was going to end...

Most people go on panic shopping mode, when calamity is about to hit them, and for my own peace of mind, I did my own version of panic buying. This story will probably make a lot of people's eyebrows raise... Some will swear that someone must have abducted the real "Crickette", but the truth is this: I spent gazillions on MAKE-UP shopping, all in one day, and it hurt my wallet so much. Looking at them, though, they're all so pretty --- so I just closed my eyes to the damage. 

Anyway, let me give you a tour inside my paper bags


I didn’t really shop for crazy brands… I just got a couple of things from MAC, The Faceshop and The Body Shop. You see, the truth is that I left my make-up with my sisters at home, and I hadn’t got around to picking them up yet --- and since I’ve been wanting to do some replenishing, anyways, I thought it best to do it in one go --- so it’ll feel like Christmas morning, after opening all your presents!


From MAC I got powder and blush on. I figured, I needed good basics because I am really a BASIC-MAKEUP kind of girl. I only doll up when I’m going out (like really going out) and for my basic tools, I’ll need something trustworthy. Confession: I don’t really use the MAC blusher the much. I have a cheaper FACESHOP blusher that I use for daily applications, and I use the MAC one when I am going out.


I got the bulk of my supplies from Faceshop. As I was telling my sister-in-law the other day, it is quite easy to lose yourself in Faceshop because their items are cheap. By the time you finish, you’ll just realize you’ve gone overboard, but you cannot make yourself part with all the stuff that you’ve put inside your basket.

Anyway, I got a brown liquid eyeliner (cus I was curious --- and I love their black version of this one, which I still use). I also got myself a two-way concealer, a pale pink shade of matte lipstick, brown 3-color palette eye shadow, blush on brush and eye shadow brush, tweezers and curlash (because my Loreal ones are with the bulk that is still with my sisters, to this day). For buying this lot, I got a free brush set as well as some skin care products. I spent a good deal at Faceshop... and got a brush set (hooray!) but a week after, they were giving away travelling bags for purchases over P2,500 and P3,500 --- talk about wrong timing!


My final stop was at The Body Shop. I, honestly, had everything I needed but I wanted to look around and see what else I could find. I ended up finding two more shades of matte lipsticks (a pink one and a red one), liquid foundation and sponge, as well as a a bottle of make-up remover. I got a free pouch from my loot; and I gave it to Monique and she uses it as a coin purse.

After the wedding, I actually came to the realization: MAKE-UP makes people really pretty --- and I want to be really pretty everyday (just like on my wedding day). My experience wit Ria Redor (however brief) taught me some things, you know… Me and glossy lipsticks do not go together. Give me matte, and we’ll be alright. Therefore, I got myself three shades of matte lipsticks on this haul.

I also wanted to collect more shades eye makeup, because I just usually put eyeliner. I discovered the 3 color palettes from Faceshop and I intend to buy more. Right now, I have two colors: brown and blue. I am still thinking of which one to get next, but maybe the green one or the something even lighter. The next shopping trip will have to be postponed to a few months, though, or maybe a year (Haha!) because if you can do the math on the items I've bought, you'll know it did a number on my wallet!

Oh wow, I’ve rambled on… and about make-up!
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