Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Am Loving My New iPad

I don't know how many years ago, I saw the iPad and although it took awhile for me to actually appreciate it for what it was, I started to dream about it. I wanted it for different reasons, the greatest of which was so I could read ebooks. For awhile I didn't know what to get (an ipad or a ebook reader, like kindle) but since I was buying some sort of tablet Bon and I thought that its better that I bought something that I could use for other things --- and not just for reading books.

The cheap skate that I was, it took me even longer to finally get it. I had a laptop and didn't feel that another gadget was necessary, but when this year came I promised to get one for my birthday. A long overdue reward that I knew I deserved. And since my birthday is in March and I couldn't wait until then, we decided it was okay for me to advance my birthday gift.

This iPad is my very first MAC. I never owned an iPhone (only BON did) and I never had a real iPod (just a shuffle) cus although Bon swears that he's no techie --- it's I. I don't need an iPod so I used to just borrow from him and my sisters. It took awhile for me to buy myself a laptop because I was so content with the pc and I am happy with my Blackberry.

I am loving my iPad.

  • I love it because I am able to sync all three emails that I have. My Yahoo. My Gmail. You and Your Teeth's email. Once I spent an entire night on the computer trying to find a way to do that for free, and I ended up getting a headache.
  • I love it because I am now able to read my ebooks better, and I am able to use Kindle and Kobo as my reader. I don’t have to read my ebooks on my laptop (10.1, so it’s not so heavy, but still) and I don’t have to pay for books because I just have to download them.
photo (2) photo (3)
  • I love it because there are lots of games to play and that means I don't have to borrow Bon's iPhone or Galaxy Note, to amuse myself – I have my own toy.
  • I love it because there's this very amazing dental app, that allows me to make patient charts. This is perfect for case presentation, especially now that I am studying and also when I have to give my treatment plans to patients.
  • I love it because it organizes everything I have. Skype. Yahoo Messenger. Facebook. Twitter. Not that I am unable to do this with my laptop, but I feel like its just so much easier now --- even if you have multiple accounts.
  • I love it because I am a planner and a to-do list kind of girl and with it I am able to organize everything I need.
photo (1)
  • I love it because I've always wanted to have one and now I do.
  • I love it because now that we actually have two "computers", Bon does not have to keep me from writing when he wants to browse through his sites. He can have the iPad while I'm writing and he doesn't have to disturb me.
Next project. A Macbook for Bon.

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Diane Writes said...

I used to believe that an iPad is just a toy. But when I finally decided to purchase it, I also realized its full potential. Although it cannot serve as a full subsitute for a laptop, it serves me in many ways.

By the way, we share common reads :)

Lei said...

I mainly use my iPad for checking my Yahoo and Gmail emails and for reading books. :)

Calvin said...

wow the hi-tech dentist. using the ipad for patient's charts hehehe. glad you jumped into getting one pero sana naghintay ka ng march pag lalabas na ipad 3. :P

o if you want a budgeting app, try Money. it's what we are using. download ka na rin magazines para wala ka ng magazines sa clinic, pahiram mo na lang ipad mo. :P

Tara Cabullo said...

I have so many e books I can email youuuuu! =P I didn't like reading on my iPhone and then when I got my iPad (an impulse buy because my iPhone broke down and there was no iPhone anywhere), I loved it! There are free issues of Oprah on Newsstand, some back issues. So WORTH IT!! :)

Ricademus said...

I think I need an iPad. I got an iTouch for Christmas and like it a lot.

Verchie said...

Congrats Crixz! Now I know why you ditched me sa event! Hahaha. Kidding.

GET EVERNOTE!:) We are aligned in being control and planning freaks.
I'll send you links about Evernote and how you can use it for family, work, and other stuff! It won Top1 App last year! I went through various iphone/ipad organizers already. This one beats everyone else hehe.

For personal finance monitoring, I've been using HomeBudget since last year. It's nice and easy. I went through several already.

Good luck! I'll bug you daily! Exchange notes! Send me some of the ebooks as well!:) haha

Abby said...

Hi! Just wanted to ask, how/where are you able to download your ebooks for free? I also just got an iPad, and haven't gotten around to exploring all of the functions yet. :)

...crickette... said...

@dianne - oh yeah, i love my laptop... but everyday i am loving my ipad more. hahaha, for different reasons, so it's good.

@calvin - hayaan mo na. di nman ako techie. oks na ako sa ipad 2.

@tara - email me books! email me books!

@ric - if you loved the iphone, ull love this even more cus it's easier to use.

@verchie - i did not ditch you because of the ipad! i was really tired from work! bad boy! i downloaded evernote. i don't understand it.

@abby - you download books from demonoid. i do the downloading from my laptop and then i send it to my ipad via email. then make sure that you have something like kobo or kindle in your ipad. have fun.

Rose said...

Yayyy! You got an iPad too. It's really useful here at home 'coz hindi na kami nag-aagawan sa laptop. Like you and Bon, me and my sister use it for the same reason. When I blog nasa laptop ako... but for surfing, iPad na. :)

Now I'm exploring the functions of Kobo thanks to your blog post.

AC said...

im also thinking of getting one (ako na lang ata ang wala nyan dito sa SG haha.. jowk :P). im not an apple person din, i dont have an iphone e both my parents and siblings have iphone and ipad, parang OP ako coz they can do facetime. kaya naisip ko ipad na lang. well, lets see.. :)

...crickette... said...

@Rose - diba ang saya-saya nya? it took me awhile to get one kasi feel ko, what for? pero i've been reading like crazy because of it and i love it. sadly, naaaddict rin ako sa games! kobo is amazing! super love ko when you read with kobo kasi parang book tlaga and you can make adjustments sa font size etc. ganda!

@AC - get ka na! joke! sabi ko nga, it took me awhile to get one, so okay lang yan. sabi ni calvin lalabas na ipad3. hintayin mo nlang!

Anonymous said...

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