Monday, February 20, 2012

My First Implant Case

I hope you remember, I enrolled into a course a few months ago and part of this class involves actually putting dental implants, on our own. Weeks before my surgery case, I tried not to think about it. I obsessed, instead, on case presentation, gathering diagnostics and buying materials. I said, it will come and I'll worry about it then, so I put it behind me. In my mind I said, if I don’t think so much about it, then I wouldn’t be so scared, because I was. Oh yes, I was frightened, but I was excited, too, it was a true mixture of things. I remember the night before, after fixing my stuff and going through some notes, I was lying in bed and Bon had to call my attention because I was staring blankly at the ceiling. "You're scared?" and I just nodded --- because I was and he smiled: “You’ll do well. Try to sleep early”.

The morning of my surgery, I was tasked to assist my classmate and I used that time to physically and mentally prepare myself, for real this time. Everyone says it's quite easy --- so much simpler that a wisdom tooth extraction, but I thought: "I'll see when I get there".

IMG_3782 IMG_3781

30 minutes to my time, I made sure that everything was ready. My patient was pale and as frightened as I was but I had to show him I was jolly and excited. So when my turn finally came, I put my game face on! I smiled for documentation purposes and went through the entire procedure, as I knew it in my head. I wasn’t the first, so I had some advantage. I was able to watch a few of my classmates before me and I was able part of the surgical team for two different dentists.

I nervous but I did just as I was told. I was careful. I was slow. I asked questions when I wasn't sure. Time went by so quickly. I remember putting my needle into the gums of my patient (and friend --- I have lovely friends), depositing an entire carpule and praying at the same time that everything goes well. In less than an hour, I was done and I was able to do this:


If you’re a dentist or an implant surgeon --- you will agree with me, that is VERY GOOD implant placement. Parallelism is good and the spaces in between the two teeth are even. I will not have any problem putting a crown. My teacher was happy. My patient was happy. I was quite proud of myself. Anyway, I only have time to show you this, for now. I promise to write a proper implant post --- to explain the procedure and to explain the indications. Do you think you’re a good implant candidate? Why are dental implants expensive? Why should I consider getting dental implants? I will try to answer these questions on a follow-up post.

For now, how about a big round of applause?

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Ricademus said...

Good work!!! I wonder about what bonds the implant into the jaw.

plaridel said...

how much does the procedure cost in the philippines. it's about $3,000 in the u.s.

AC said...

Good job! :)


Congrats Crickette! :)

Jes said...

Congrats doc! Ang galing galing.

...crickette... said...

Ric, the implants are made of biocompatible titanium alloy and when embedded into the bone, it undergoes a process called oseointegration, so the implant completely fuses with the bone.

Anyway, thanks everyone!!!

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