Monday, May 14, 2012

About Celebrities and Their Lives

I am fascinated with celebrities. In fact, I am more fascinated about stories of celebrities' lives more than of real people I know. I don't know why. I see celebrities as a different kind of species, so when I am in front of one,  I always get star struck. People usually go starstruck when in the presence of a  known personality. That is probably why a lot of people want to become one. It must be nice to be admired --- for what you do (act, sing, dance) and most especially, how you look. That is why it is quite flattering when people tell you, "Wow, ang ganda mo --- artistahin ang beauty mo!" (Wow you're so beautiful! You could be a celebrity).

Apart from the attention, you get good pay. I remember there was this one time that my friends and I joked that we should just all leave Dentistry School, get tuition money from our parents and head to a plastic surgeon for the works (total reconstruction: "Make me a celebrity") so that we can earn millions too. Still, I know that it is not easy. I'm sure it is tough. I've heard inside stories about how tough it is for others that they have to go the extra mile (like having to sleep with certain people, needing to hide certain aspects of their lives) I'm sure you've heard them too. I mean, it's the price to pay for fame and fortune --- You get to buy expensive clothes and jewelry; you get to give your family a nice roof over their head; you get to buy expensive cars and live a lavish lifestyle; you get to be the cover magazines, the face in billboards and the personality on television. It all seems so good --- but with all that gain, you lose your privacy.

Much like blogging. When I decided to blog this way (meaning to write for an audience), I knew I was opening my world to a lot of dirt to happen. When you open your life, people will want to look, and that is the price I have to pay. So I can't complain when I get random texts from stalkers --- it is part of the deal.

Anyway, this post was has been put off for months. It was supposed to be for that time when Rhian Ramos' scandal came out. It was apt, then, because I had this very controversial thread on my FB wall about her video interview where a heated debate went on. But today, I am writing it for the recent "Thrilla in NAIA" between the Santiagos and the Tulfos. When I saw the video, I thought it was the craziest thing I've ever seen --- and I've asked other girls, just to check. I mean, if your partner, boyfriend, husband got into a fight with someone, would you really join in? Would you really take part in the beating? And why did the confrontation start anyway --- because they forgot that they are celebrities, highly recognized and definitely intriguing? If a normal person was going ballistic by the counter, I doubt that the media would care. But if you are someone with a name in this country (or any other country for that matter), you should realize that it is all part of the job. We all watch EXTRA and TMZ, right? Why do Filipino celebrities think so highly of themselves, I just do not understand. You chose to be a public figure. You chose to be recognized. This doesn't mean that your life is different from others --- but you really cannot complain if you do not have enough privacy. 

When "Pinoy Big Brother" started in the country, a friend of mine and I were fantasizing about getting in and becoming a part of the show to meet cute guys. Since it came with soul bearing, "The BUZZ" revelations, though, we decided that we had no place in showbiz and should just enjoy our comfortable life away from the spotlight.

 IMG_4283  IMG_4285

As some of you may already know, our clinic is beside MTRCB and when the Tulfo Brothers’ case was being discussed for more than three hours, last week, this was the scene outside. It’s quite funny, now, when you try to remember what really caused all this. A bag had been left behind --- and now it is a big, uncontrollable mess. You know there was this one flight home from the US that my sister and I had, probably 6 years ago, and the same thing happened to us. We had like 4 huge bags of pasalubong for everyone and we got home with two hand carry bags, only, because our check-in bags were still in California. It was funny and kinda sad, too, because everyone was excited to see what we’ve bought for them, but we had steaks in our hand carry, so we just feasted on that, first. The next day, we went back to NAIA and waited at the baggage converyor belt, to retrieve our bags. All was well, and even if I decided to complain, I’m sure the media wouldn’t find it interesting news.

In my opinion, Cluadine should be flattered Mon Tulfo thinks she’s news worthy. A complaining Claudine would have been lighter news, though, compared to a kicking and punching, one, I think. So what the hell was all that for? Just a thought, anyway, just a thought. In the end, I hope they all learned their lessons. 

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AC said...

I just dont get it why she had to punch/kick Tulfo too.. Yes, she has the right to be mad.. Pero ang sumama sa pakikipagsuntukan in front of her children? Cheap.

Lei said...

I didn't get the whole Santiago-Tulfo thing either. I think both sides are at fault in some way. Tsk.

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Tisha said...

Some friends were picking on a celeb friend because he makes so much money, and he pretty much said that it comes at a steep price. He said, "How would you feel if you have people talking sh*t about you all the time? People you don't even know?" One girl thought about it for a couple of seconds before shrugging and saying "OK lang." Haha.

I talked to another celeb recently and she says she's not on Twitter because people can bash you directly but anonymously, and she can't deal with it because she's sensitive. So, yeah, they may be celebs and they may have chosen a life lived in the public eye, but they're still people and they have feelings too.

Denebian said...

That was really horrible behaviour. What were they thinking? They're not little kids, nor are they acting in a movie with the camera rolling... they are in real life! And yet, Claudine goes and contributes to the beating up of Tulfo. I just lost all admiration for her. Tsk! Tsk!

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