Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let's Play Clash of Clans

Warning: This is an extremely geeky post, don't say I didn't warn you.

Once upon a time, I joined my guy friends as they played Red Alert at some internet shop. I didn't understand their fascination then, but my friend lent me his CD and I downloaded it in my computer – and started playing it, nonstop. Why I liked the game, is beyond me, but I finished that game more than once and I moved on to another and then another. In fact, when I opened my first clinic, I had my mom's technician install War Craft: Frozen Throne on my computer and I played the single player campaign while waiting for patients everyday. I've never tried playing online. I’ve never played with other people. Maybe I'm a loner like that, but I played the campaign on my own and I would sometimes lose track of time and end up coming home late --- such a geek! I know a lot of people who would come together, online, to be able to play as a team. My mom has internet cafes usually packed with gamers of all ages, but team playing never appealed to me, really, so I continued to play on my own.

Anyway, since I got my iPad, I've been looking for a similar game --- and finally found one, thanks to my bestie. Mabeth and her husband has gotten addicted to "Clash and Clans" and when I found out how it's played, I downloaded it. Clash of Clans is much like War Craft in many ways but you cannot totally compare with the games that people love to play online.

The Overall Objective:

As a player, you're expected to build a base. You build a base, you train your own army, and you build defenses that are meant to protect the base. Currency in Clash of Clans is in form of elixir and coins. You are able to purchase buildings, units and order various upgrades by spending any of these.

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Note that you also have gems, but they're limited so you have to be careful to use them wisely. Apart from building and managing your base, you are also expected to attack other people's bases. You attack for three reasons:

1) To claim victory and collect trophies that will raise your rank worldwide
2) To steal elixir and coins to be able to use for your own purchases and upgrades
3) To win enough "stars" that will give you points needed to win extra gems.

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Joining a Clan:
Like Warcraft and the other games I used to play, you are not required to be part of a "clan" or group, but there are some benefits to being part of one. My best friend and some friends are in one clan together:
  • As clanmates, you do not get to fight together, but you are able to send troops to each other, to help protect bases.
  • Players are not immediately awarded the privilege to be part of a clan. You have to, initially, resurrect/rebuild the clan castle. It is costly, so you wouldn't be able to do it at once --- so you play and raise some money first.

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Not all clans are open for all. My best friend said that when they first played, they joined a powerful clan but they got kicked out. Some clans are snobbish and they have score and standing requirements for members. Our clan is open for all. My best friend's husband created the clan and it's composed of some family and friends (we're just eight in the group, at the moment).

Anyway, I am not a brilliant player, but I have been addicted to this game for months now -- so addicted that sometimes I keep my iPad open, with Monique momentarily moving the screen so that it would remain online and I would not be attacked. I also bring my iPad when I go out and I "play" whenever there's decent wifi connection. One time, I was working on a patient and she saw the iPad screen. "Doc you play Clash of Clans cus I do too!" And it's really cool because she is a really pretty girl and she wasn't geeky at all. Hahaha! I told her, "I'm just keeping it online so I wouldn't be attacked" and she laughed because she realized, "Mine's offline right now. I'm sure someone attacked me already!" and then she took her iPad out and asked for our password.

This is the exciting and challenging, but annoying thing about the game. You cannot be leave it when your shield is not yet up because your base becomes vulnerable to attackers. Losing from an attack costs you money and trophies, unless you can guarantee victory because of your brilliant defense. When you’re defeated, you lose significant points and it can be so painful. Right now my shield is up so I'm not worried at all. I can blog all I want and do whatever (like be a dentist) because no one can attack me, at least for 10 more hours. Hahaha! If you have an iPad and you're a war freak like me, this is a fun game --- I promise, so go ahead and download it. Let me know if you're already playing and if you need a CLAN, let me know, I'll have to ask permission from our leader but I'm sure everyone is welcome!
“War does not determine who is right - only who is left.”
Bertrand Russell

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AC said...

I used to play this din but I stopped. Nakakaadik e! Hahah

cham said...

Ohhh... I remember when we got hooked on DOTA too. Haha

Verch said...

"Only the dead sah seen the end of war." - Plato

giday said...

I am officially hooked. Thanks Cricket!!! =)

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