Monday, February 4, 2013

The Biggest Loser

I'm not really a fan of The Biggest Loser (the international or the local franchise) but I've seen some episodes. I find the weigh-ins quite thrilling. All the contestants are lined up and one by one they face reality. Sometimes, one is triumphant and he finds out that he's lost as much as 20lbs and people delight over that. In more unfortunate occasions it is discovered that instead of losing, a contestant even gains a few --- so they weep (and I am sure that the other people in their team hate them for it, despite the words of encouragement).

I also love it when they're working out. You see an obese woman working on the treadmill, cursing Jillian Michaels and Jillian screams back something like: "You're miserable! You're fat and miserable! If you do not want to be miserable, do what I ask you to!" The workout scenes can be quite painful to watch sometimes. To be criticized is awful enough, to be inundated by a myriad of insults about your pathetic existence is torture.
the biggest loser

Okay, I am not obese. I took my BMI last week and it says I'm at normal weight, but you  know when you look at yourself in the mirror (naked and all) and you say: "I can do better than this!" Well, I have those moments quite often, but as I've already mentioned a few posts ago, making a commitment to be more fit hasn't been easy for me --- and apparently for some friends of mine, as well, so we've decided to challenge ourselves and compete for it. Our own Biggest Loser edition, we compete to find out who loses the most at the end of 3 months and the winner gets to win P20,000.

Quite intense huh? You probably think we're crazy! Well, look at it this way:

1. They always say losing weight is always fun when you're doing it with someone else and in our version of The Biggest Loser, there are four of us who joined. All girls, we made a decision to do it together so it is more fun. When you're feeling sorry for yourself, you realize that your other friends are doing exactly what you're doing so you get over it.

2. To join, we all had to pay P5000. There are four of us who joined so the pot money is at P20,000. Like in The Biggest Loser, triumph tastes sweeter this way. Losing weight and staying fit will come with a double-reward at the end, so you work at it. You work hard in the hope that you come home victorious and richer --- and you work hard because you want to take your P5000 deposit back.

3. Everything is transparent when you join something like this. Your weight, your body, your diet, your exercise and your capacity to take the challenge is out in the open. If you lose weight, everyone will know it. If you end up gaining, everyone knows it as well. The transparency of the whole thing makes it more serious --- and because you would want to put out better results out there, you work on it.

4. However way you look at it, it's a fun approach to weight loss. It is intense, yes, and quite unnecessary given the fact that some are able to carry this out without the need for such contests, but who cares? We decide to do it this way and the whole intensity of the thing is incredibly fun!

The competition starts this month and it ends, three months after. By then, I hope to have developed a healthier lifestyle. Also, I wish that by the end of three months I end up winning this thing, apart from looking better! Hahaha!

Wish me luck,

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edelweiza said...

I'm going to the gym again after trying several diet plans (most recent was GM Diet and it helped me lose a total of 7 lbs. in 7 days!). Hmmm, you just gave me an idea. Why not have something like that with my friends, it's definitely gonna be a good motivation. :)

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